CTAAZZ Started as a customer focused business. We had a Vision to start something that would help people move towards Energy Efficiency, Comfort and Safety

The founders of the company are Crystal & Troy with junior partners Ashtyn Aadyn Zoey & Zachary.  

Crystal Carlson
 Social Media Specialist and Marketing

Crystal is our voice to our customers. She is forward thinking and is our social media expert. She has a passion for people. She loves raising her kids and being a very active hockey Mom in her off time.   

Ashtyn and Aadyn

Ashtyn and Aadyn are the oldest of the family being only 13 months apart. There are often asked if they are twins. They are on the same hockey team and enjoy helping with the business, when they are not playing hockey or hanging out with friends. 

Troy Carlson

Troy is an electrician with an interprovincial licence qualification. He has been in the trade for 12 plus years. He is knowledgeable in electrical building systems, power systems and renewable energy. Among his experiences he is also trained at SAIT in Industrial Engineering technology. Troy has a passion for learning future electrical renewable technologies.

Zoey and Zachary

 Zoey and Zachary are the babies of the family. There is 3 and half years apart but are very loyal and inseparable with each other. Zoey is a hockey player and Zac is the up and comer always playing hallway hockey with his siblings.