Where Will Solar Energy Be 1 Year From Now In Manitoba!

June 6, 2018



The last two years have brought great change in the industry. Especially since last Earth Day as Manitoba residents were given a financial reason;  to push our ambition of owning our own energy resource.  The dollar a watt pv incentive. 



Now we have also recently learned, what most people suspected. As a province our utility will need to go through a restructuring and thus we will pay hefty increases for years to come. Some estimates being between 7 and 9 percent for the next 5 years. Unknown hefty increases to follow in years to come. 







We also know as most Canadians do that a carbon tax is coming in the near future. Although most of our energy comes from hydro electricity we do have some diesel, natural gas and coal producing generation. We have approximately 458 MW as per Manitoba Hydro website which is not a small amount of dirty emissions,






Although at current rates we will not say that we will be a wash purchasing solar capacity but at some time in the nearer future it is safe to say you will be more than offsetting your savings. Until we know more about those increases we will not know that exact point of when you will become a positive net gain. One thing we do know is whenever that point in time is that we cross the line and pay for the assests we will be getting our energy 100 percent courtesy of that big ball in the sky which is free. 



Because of our huge resource of renewable energy in the province hydro electricity.,  an issue to go solar except for the various projects and locations that were not close to utilities and such that went off grid. As matter of fact we have one of smallest solar resources currently but things are soon to change. As of a couple years ago Manitoba had only about 1 Megawatt. 



One thing that can not be debated you will either A scenario rent your power and have no control of future costs. B scenario and invest in your own sun generating power plant and pay out of pocket or a (select period of time) and then enjoy free power for the life of the system. 



Troy Carlson 




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